So, today I tried something new.

Recently, I’ve been getting really into finding ways to reduce waste (you know, waste kills the planet and such and I want to contribute less to that) and my most recent foray into less wasteful practices was to purchase deodorant in a jar.

Which sounds crazy, right? Right.

(I mean, there’s also the fact that this deodorant is all natural and Ylang-Ylang & Calendula scented–not a scent I actually had ever smelled before, nor one I intend to get again bc it’s just not me but it’ll be okay for now)

But anyway, I got this little tiny jar (2 oz) of Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant¬†because they sent out a marketing email about reasons why people are #TeamJar (as opposed to #TeamStick when talking about deodorant bc stick deodorant is the norm in the US) and the reasons were pretty great. I can’t find the post they did about it, otherwise I would link it here, but the reasons included:

  • More control over how much deodorant you apply
  • The Schmidt’s Deodorant Jar Recycling Program (send in 5 jars to be sanitized & reused, get a free jar! So basically like buy 5, get 1 free, then buy 4, get 1 free after the first 5 bc the previous free jar could be sent back for recycling)

I know for a fact that there were 5 reasons on the list, but can’t remember them. Needless to say, I was convinced, I mean, even just those two reasons would have me convinced. And the article/post about it also had a code to get free shipping on a jar of deodorant, so that saved a few dollars to get the jar to me.

I’ve been thinking about writing about Schmidt’s for a while because I got a few sticks early in January and really love it, and I decided that today is the day to write about it, now that I’ve tried both the sticks and the jars. So, here goes: [wow, I did that thing where I write over 300 words introducing a post before actually writing the post]

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorants are, like, the greatest thing ever. Okay, so I’ve got pretty sensitive skin and a weird reaction to talc (a main ingredient in many deodorants), so I’ve been using, like, Dove stay fresh deodorant for years. And it’s got a nice smell to it, but it doesn’t really do the deodorant thing so well. Like, I’m not the sweatiest person I know, not by a long shot, but I do a fair bit of sweating, especially in the armpit region, especially when I do things like

  • go running for an hour or longer (heckie, even like 15 minutes of running will get me a decent amount of armpit sweat)
  • go to yoga classes (which sounds silly, bc yoga is supposed to be p low-key, but I do Kundalini which involves a lot of odd arm-use that gets you sweating more than you would expect, and sometimes heated yoga which obvi causes more sweat than un-heated yoga)
  • do hour-long strength training workouts (I don’t do a lot of these, but almost every time I go to the gym for strength training, it’s over an hour between the warm-up, the actual strength exercises which are usually 40-45 minutes, and the core and cardio at the end, core being 5-10 minutes, cardio recommended 20+)
  • simply exist (today after my shower, I was having like cold sweats idek)

Right, so, Dove wasn’t cutting it. Lo and behold, instagram comes through with their targeted advertising, and a Schmidt’s ad pops up in my feed. Obviously, I clicked through to their page and then determined I needed to try it whenever I could afford to (one deodorant is *$8.99* but sooo worth it). Then Christmas came & went and with it came a $100 American Express gift card, so there was my chance. I went in and got 3 sticks of deodorant, in 3 different scents. I chose:

  • Cedarwood + Juniper, bc cedar trees are my favorite trees and my camp name is Juniper
  • Bergamot + Lime, bc I love citrusy smells, didn’t know what bergamot was, but I figured the lime would be good enough¬†and this scent turned out to be delightful
  • Lavender + Sage, bc I love these smells

I passed on the following scents:

  • Rose + Vanilla, bc I don’t particularly care for roses and don’t like the smell of vanilla
  • Ylang-Ylang + Calendula, bc I’d never heard of these scents
  • Spruce + Spice (limited edition and it looks like it’s unavailable rn), bc I’m not a fan of things that are “spice” scented due to Old Spice and my association between cinnamon and spice)
  • Tea Tree, one of their “sensitive skin” scents, which sounds delightful, but the sensitive skin sticks are $2 more
  • Geranium, another “sensitive skin” scent, but also I absolutely detest the smell of geranium
  • Unscented, because why not have armpits that smell pretty?

So, a few days or maybe a week and a half later (they ship standard, not priority) my new deodorant showed up. I wasn’t done with my old Dove stick, and had an extra, unopened Dove stick, but I couldn’t resist trying the Cedarwood + Juniper the next day.

And it was so great. Like, I went to the gym and my armpits actually didn’t start to smell bad. The deodorant effectively neutralizes odor (without doing that weird scent-release thing that my Dove did) and has the capability to keep you drier (this is super controversial bc you shouldn’t be dry, like you sweat for a reason, but the Schmidt’s has a plant-based powder element that absorbs the wetness without clogging up your pores like anti-perspirants and things that are in normal deodorant can) so I wasn’t like dripping sweat (at least not from my armpits).

It also doesn’t have all the weird chemicals that other deodorants do (and people seem to be okay with putting on their skin?)

And they are certified cruelty-free (they don’t test on animals) and vegan (they don’t use any animal products in the formula) and have a shelf life of 12 months.

And now that I’ve tried the jar (though only once, today) I can see how it’s way less wasteful to use jar deodorant.

So let me tell you about that. Basically, when you order a jar, they send you 2 oz of deodorant in a lil’ glass jar with a tiny spatula inside the jar. The idea is to use the tiny spatula to scoop up some deodorant, then like rub it between your fingers to warm it up/soften it so you can put it on your armpit and it will actually get absorbed properly, rather than just chillin on your armpit hair.

And I know it sounds p gross to use your fingers to apply deodorant (trust me, I have a major aversion to applying things like lip balm, lotion, &c. using my hands/fingers and this was a big part of why I waited on the jar) but, like, armpits aren’t gross and the deodorant isn’t gross, so it’s a thing you can probably get over pretty quickly if you just jump in with it (but make sure your hands are clean before you apply it, like you would for lip balm or facial moisturizer) and if it still bugs you, you can wash your hands after, nbd.

So then you rub the little bit of deodorant onto your armpit(s) and bam! You’re ready to go (after you maybe wash your hands).

It’s too soon to tell, but I might be a convert to #TeamJar. The idea of being able to send in 5 jars for a free jar really appeals to me for both the no-waste reason and the getting free deodorant reason. And I totally see how you waste less actual deodorant this way. Like, whenever I’m applying stick deodorant, it like globs up around the edges and then that bit doesn’t get used because it gets pushed down by the lid and stuff like that, so I just feel like I’ll actually be able to use all the deodorant in my jar, unlike with stick deodorants. I also feel like since I’m putting it directly on my skin using my hand, I have more control over how it gets to my skin; no deodorant is getting lost in my armpit hair (and thus not actually going to my physical armpit to do its job). In short:

  • deodorant goes exactly where I want it
  • I can actually get all the deodorant out (presumably)
  • jars can be recycled for more jars

There are, of course, a couple of downfalls as well. To start with, the deodorant was more crumbly than I expected when I went to scoop, so it was a little difficult. This might be a thing that gets easier with more practice, though, so I’m gonna give it a chance. There’s also the matter of that I’m not particularly fond of the Ylang-Ylang + Calendula smell, but that can obviously be fixed in the future by getting different scents. And, of course, the whole having-to-touch-the-deodorant-with-my-hands situation. I’m a little weirded out by it, but I figure I’ll either get used to it or just always wash/wipe down my hands post-application (like I do with facial moisturizer and lip balms).

Overall, I’d say that Schmidt’s deodorant is basically the greatest deodorant I’ve ever used (though my experience with other deodorants is super limited) and if you’re willing to try jar deodorant, then it’s definitely something that could be great for you. I mean, if I think I’m willing to manually apply deodorant with my hands, there are bound to be others who will gladly do it for whatever reason.

So go forth and don’t have smelly armpits!

The Fierce Feminist