This week, I read more than I intended (but that’s a good thing)

I started off with Josh Sundquist’s just-released debut novel, Love and First Sight. I seriously could not put it down. I picked it up to see how many pages it was to figure out how many I would need to read each day to get it done in a week, and then I was like “hmm, I suppose I could take a peek at the inside,” and before I knew it, it was 3:00 pm and I was almost done with the whole book.

So, I’ll give a little bit of a review, but I don’t want to spoil anything about the plot.
On goodreads, I gave the book a 5/5 star review, because I really could not put it down. It was so good; he’s been working on this story for years, he did a ton of research, and he just plain writes really pretty. I can’t do a synopsis because I’m really bad at summarizing and really don’t want to give away what happens because I want everyone to go out, buy the book, and then read it. Seriously.

Anyway, the whole book is very well-written and well-researched and you can really tell that Josh Sundquist put his like heart and soul into it in a really meaningful way. Just read it, yeah?


I also read Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie’s essay-in-book-form, “We Should All Be Feminists,” and since I already wrote a post about how it’s everything I want to say about feminism and more but done so more eloquently and engagingly than I could do, I’ll just leave it at that.


Third, I read Lindsay S. Nixon’s The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living, a book about plant-based living (obviously, based on the title).
I really enjoyed this one; it gave me some interesting perspectives on going fully plant based vs where I am now (I call myself vegan-ish bc I don’t subscribe to all the vegan things). Basically, this book is about making the choice to transition to a diet that consists of all plant-based whole foods (meaning stuff that isn’t processed and usually which you can pronounce and also without oils fats and stuff) and how it promotes a healthier, happier life. [update: I’ve decided that “healthier and happier” is my theme for 2017]

Being vegan can be healthy, but it can also be super unhealthy. For example, a lot of potato chips are vegan. So are oreos. And a lot of the vegan versions of meat are pretty unhealthy as well. So it’s really easy, as a vegan, to fall into the trap of “being vegan is healthy!” but actually be filling your body with unhealthy stuff. Food is kind of a big deal, guys, and it’s important that everyone eat what is best for them, because food is like the foundation of how we live. I’m not saying that everyone needs to adopt a plant-based diet immediately, but I do believe that a plant-based diet is one of the healthiest options out there. This book thoroughly convinced me of that (I mean, I was already like 75% convinced that only plant foods was a healthier option, the book got me the rest of the way there). Making the change to whole plant-based foods won’t be that big of a change for me, since I already mostly only eat the things that Nixon talks about in her book (she has her own version of a food triangle for the plant-based lifestyle) but it does mean cutting out oreos (which I rarely eat, but always feel gross once I do bc I eat too many) and potato chips and other things like that for the most part. Since I’m not looking to lose weight, I’ll probably continue eating things with oil in moderation (pretty much talking about salad dressings here) and avocados (which have a high fat content, but are beyond tasty).

I’m not going to go on a super long rant about it, but I will put some resources for those who are interested in learning more about plant-based living below (mostly Happy Herbivore because she does a great job of explaining a lot of things). And if you are interested, I highly encourage you to read The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living because it’s a great resource for understanding how to swap out unhealthy items for healthy ones and why the unhealthy options are unhealthy. So, without further ado:

The Official Happy Herbivore site
The Happy Herbivore Youtube Channel
The Happy Herbivore Facebook Page
Or you can just go ahead and buy the book here!

So that’s my week in books!