Okay, so normally, I do #OutInTheSunday, but today I’ve been thinking a lot about tiny houses.

Also, I just spent like an hour sorting through the giant bin of my Build-A-Bears from my childhood. I have 13 sitting out on my bed right now, and I think that’s only like half of the number I have total. I had a major BABW thing, you guys.

Anyway. I’ve been thinking a lot about tiny homes lately.

Like, they’re so cute and smart.

One can build a tiny house on a very small budget (ranges from less than $10,000 to about $50,000 for upscale tiny houses) especially if they are frugal about getting their supplies and build it on their own for the most part.

I mean, you do have to get the land to put it on, but a small plot of residential land can be pretty inexpensive in the grand scheme of things.

For example, based on my credit score right now, I would easily qualify for a loan that would be enough to buy a small plot of land and then build a tiny house for myself.

And, like, building my own tiny house would be so cool, because I could plan everything to be suited to how I want to live.

Obviously, I probably won’t be building my own tiny home too soon, since I’m still trying to figure a lot of stuff out.

But I want to talk about what my ideal tiny house would have.

So, as is common in tiny houses, it would have a loft bedroom for me to stay in. I would probably want to create a loft in which I can fit a full or queen size mattress, no need for a bed frame, and build some clothing storage into the walls of this loft, probably more like shelving than drawers. I would obviously want to install a sunroof/moonroof so I could stargaze from my bed and be woken up every day by the sun. I would definitely require that there be some sort of rail so that in case I roll over too much in my sleep I don’t fall to the level below, but that’s probably a pretty reasonable thing, right?

I also have this weird vision of a rope ladder going up to the master loft, but I’m not sure how practical that is if I need the toilet in the middle of the night.

I might also install a small second loft as a guest bedroom/reading room. This one would have shelves as well, but might have a futon instead of an actual bed, or just a smaller mattress. And there would definitely be books. And a guard rail. And another sunroof for optimal reading light when there are no guests staying there.

The tiny house would be powered by solar panels, because solar is an excellent renewable power source.

Also, it would be like super ideal to have a collapsible roof. Like, when the tiny house is stationary in a place, the roof can be peaked, but if I decided to move, I would want to be able to collapse it to be more travel-friendly. I’m not really sure if this is possible, but wouldn’t it be SUPER neat?? If collapsible roofs are not available when I’m building, I’d probably install something like mildly slanty. It would have a super low slop, but enough to allow rain and the like to actually run off of it [I have this huge aversion to the concept of flat roofs because my primary and secondary schools had flat roofs and there were always problems with these roofs leaking; on the flipside, I also have a major aversion to like the standard A-line roof because like, it doesn’t make sense to have the tallest part be the middle of the roof, especially when I’ll likely have my bed against the outer wall–I just want a roof that I won’t whack my head on when I wake up.]

I’m not sure how I would get water into the house. That would be something I would need help with (also probably the electricity thing, but I’d be a little less useless with that–I learned a little bit about electricity in my high school shop class).

I would probably install either a low-flow toilet or a composting toilet and I would get a shower/bathtub combo (I’ve always wanted a bathtub that covers my knees and boobs at the same time, you know?)

The kitchen would be pretty minimalist. Just a small range and oven and double sink. Probably a microwave and a toaster that would be kept in a cabinet when not in use. No dishwasher, because that would take up a lot of space that would be better used for cabinets/storage. So I would have under the counter cabinets and above the counter cabinets, under the counter to store dishes (pots/pans, plates/bowls, cups, and storage containers) and I would probably have a small refrigerator/freezer, like the kind you get for a college dorm. Ideally, the kitchen would be pretty small, just under the guest loft, and it would have a window over the sink so I could like watch birds while I wash dishes or something like that.

I would put my dining area just outside the kitchen. I have this dream of a pedestal table with built-in bookshelves in the pedestal stand part, for extra storage and because I’m low-key obsessed with books//reading.

Hypothetically, I would have the dining and living area be the same area, with a booth-style dining situation. My fancy pedestal table would be there and the booth would be like built into the wall, with a storage situation underneath like piano benches are. The storage would have my fancy place settings and napkins and tablecloths and blankets since the booth seat would double as a couch for watching movies.

I would set up an entertainment center with my tv and dvd player and I would have to have a way to connect my tv directly to netflix because HDMI cables are a mild to moderate inconvenience to deal with.

I’m actually not sure how feasible a combination dining/living area would be, so in the case that I can’t have that, I would put my pedestal table in the corner by the front door, with some chairs, and have the living room area outside the kitchen for optimal popcorn snacking during movie nights.

Rather than having a whole laundry set up, I would probably just have a larger sink in the bathroom to hand-wash my clothes in, and I would have a clothesline outside in the summer, or across the house in the cooler weather, that would be strung from one loft to the other. Like half of my clothes are supposed to be hand-washed anyway, so why bother with a washing machine?

I would also probably install a small hallway-like bit between the two bed lofts which could be used as a reading nook. I’m not sure if that would work out or not, but if it would, that’d be super cool.

Anyway, I think that’s it. If I missed anything, I’ll definitely update.



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