Happy #SelfCareSaturday, y’all!

So it’s a bit later than usual for me to be posting, but I wanted to get one up

My self-care plans today were interrupted by work, but it wasn’t too bad. We were pretty busy so the 5.5 hours passed pretty quickly.

Anyway, my day more or less looked like this:

Woke up at 6 am because I thought I had work from 8:00-12:15

Looked at my calendar and realized I had work from 12:00-5:30, not 8:00-12:15

Went back to bed until 8

Woke up again and fed my mom’s cats and ate my own breakfast and watched Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy

Went for a short run outside. A little less than half an hour because I had time constraints with my work shift.

Came back inside for a shower

Made rice and a little package of Bombay Potatoes (which you can buy in like pre-made microwaveable packages and it’s life) for my lunch

Watched more television that I didn’t get to watch when it was on but was on the DVR

Went to work from 12-5:30

Came home and made tiny [vegan] pizzas on homemade bread made my mom’s friend Mike

And I’ve been pretty much just chilling since then. I did a puzzle on my iPad and have been watching a tv show called “Murder Made Me Famous,” which talks about famous murder cases. Right now I’m watching the one about Drew Peterson. I’ve also done a load of laundry which just finished drying so I’ll probably grab that out of the dryer and put it away once I’m done watching this episode of murder made me famous then go to bed.

Yeah, that was pretty much my day. I hope everyone out there got a good self-care Saturday!



The Fierce Feminist