Happy Saturday, y’all!

I hope your weekend’s off to a great start!

Mine’s a little wonky because I’m starting a new position as an instructor at the local Mathnasium centers and also working at Target, but I’m hoping to make the best of the busy weekend (and make some bank when payday comes next week).

My schedule is doing a weird thing today where I’m free until I work 11-2:15ish and then I’m home for a few hours before I work at 5:45, so I’m trying to figure out the best way to practice self-care in the hours I have free.

So far, I’ve spent an extra hour in bed before getting up and cleaned Lucy’s litter box (because it was a huge mess since the other cats have discovered it and decided they want to be able to use it as well and they’re super messy and make big piles of litter outside the box) and fed myself, Lucy, and Dale (not in that order).

I’m also putting off changing from my comfy elephant pants into my khakis for work, so that’s a good thing for me. But I don’t think I’ll get to do much before I have to leave to get to work by 10 ’til 11 (since it’s my first day, I’m going to be early to familiarize myself with the center since I’ve never been to this particular one).

I think in between work shifts, I’ll probably go for a short run since I missed the last two days because on Thursday I was also super busy, and on Friday I ended up spending the morning doing not a lot and then going to the grocery store.

I’ll also try to do my daily reading in Don Quixote so I can stay caught up, but I’m not sure if I’ll have time because if I run, I’ll have to shower and I need to have dinner before I go to Target at 5:45 because my shift is only 4.25 hours which means no meal break (I usually eat an apple or granola bar or both in my 15 minute breaks, but it’s never enough time for a meal).

So hopefully, I’ll have time to do all the things I want to do in between my work shifts, but if not, then it’s okay because I have all morning tomorrow since I only work at one place and not until 12:45 which gives me like 4.5 hours to do things!

So, yeah. That’s about it. Have a good day, everyone!



The Fierce Feminist