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#TransformationTuesday: Bedroom Edition

So at the beginning of September, I moved back home to Richmond, and when I got here, I decided that it would be a great idea to completely ((kind of)) re-do my room. Largely because the walls were like pink, pink, green, and orange and I suddenly had a lot more stuff to fit in the room, since you know, when I was away at school most of the stuff I actually use was with me, rather than here.

To get the whole process started (actually happened prior to when I moved, had to prepare the room to accept all my stuff) I sorted through all the stuff in the weird storage cubbies that are built into the wall (which are a godsend tbh like I have no clue what I would do without them they’re so wonderful all rooms in all houses should have built-in storage cubbies) which left me with 3 bags of stuff to donate to the people who leave bags in your mailbox then come pick them up once a month (though they haven’t come to pick them up the past 2 times they were supposed to) as well as a suitcase full of stuff to donate and only 1 bag of stuff that was actually completely useless which, unfortunately went to trash. I mean, I still have a lot of stuff; but everything that got kept was pretty much stuff I could either see myself using or stuff that was in good enough condition to sell on letgo or amazon or wherever. And the stuff I imagine myself possibly using is back in the cubbies, including the twin ikea mattress (because I had a bed when I was away, but there was also a bed already here for me, and so the bed that was already here is the one I’m using and my ikea twin is in storage throughout my room (some in the closet, some in the lower cubby that is inaccessible because of my record player, and the mattress in the other)).

So anyway, this is what my room looked like before:

Yes, I took a panorama of my room.



So, it was a bit of a mess. And you know what they say about your room? Neither do I, but I feel like a room reflects on the person living in it, which means I was a mess. So I decided to get my ish together.

I started by painting the walls beige. Maybe this means I want to be boring, but I like to think of it more like beige walls are very adult, and I’m entering the adult stages of my life. Plus I had this GREAT tapestry from one of my favorite companies that care, The Elephant Pants (click to shop, and save 10% with my code, SIENNABRONSON10).

You can vaguely see the beige walls behind my tapestry and naked bed.

Also, note the location of the bed is different than in the before and the after shots.

For a while I was going to have it facing that way, but when I got Lucy’s giant cat tree, I had to rotate it back to the original position because that was the only way it would fit.

Then I moved the furniture in, and did a bunch of other stuff to get it all set up, and had to get a new clothing containment unit (the three-drawer chest couldn’t hold all my clothes, and the 5-drawer chest I used to have broke during the original move 4 years ago, so I got a wardrobe, and by “I got a wardrobe,” I mean my mom got a wardrobe for the room which will stay behind when I eventually move out again).

I also put a bunch of stuff I won’t be using until I move (i.e. pieces of my ikea twin bed and target room essentials working/writing/computer desk and bedding for the twin bed) into the small cubby which is inaccessible behind my little cart with my record played on it. And a bunch of stuff is in the bigger cubby, but it’s mostly the same stuff as before that passed the “will I potentially use this within the next year” test because the “have I used this in the last year” test would be an immediate fail for most of these things since I was in a different state. (Though one could say that since I didn’t deem it useful enough to take to school, I should just get rid of all of it–the hoarder in my just isn’t ready for that).

And I put stuff I’m more likely to decide to use within the next year in the bigger cubby, but then I shoved my ikea mattress in there, so now it’s pretty much all inaccessible.

And I re-organized my closet so that it will be functional as a place to store stuff that I need to be able to get to and clothes.

And now my room is pretty organized and I feel like a real adult, which is nice. So, some after pictures:

Another panorama! (I love the panorama feature on cell phone cameras)


So anyway, that’s my room #transformed. It’s still a work in progress, but everything that’s left to do falls more in the minor details category.

I think I did a pretty good job of making it an adult room, but still with some touches of my personality (like, there are prints of scenes from Finding Nemo and I have no less than 3 piggy banks visible in the room) and, of course, it’s not just my room, it’s also Lucy’s room, which is evident when you see the giant cat tree (it’s almost as tall as me–when she sits on the top perch, she is above me and she knows it).

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