Happy Sunday!!

I hope everyone’s having a great day so far!

I got my day started out by going to work for a few hours, but now I’m home and hanging out for the rest of the day.

For my #outintheSunday activity, I took my cat, Lucy outside to sit in the sun because it’s a beautiful day! Unfortunately, we were only out there for a few minutes before someone nearby decided it was a good time to cut their grass; Lucy had a very strong opinion on this matter and she NOPE’d right out of there (except that she was attached to my wrist by a 3 foot long leash, so she NOPE’d 3 feet away and then couldn’t go any farther despite her best efforts).

So, we came back inside and I cuddled her and gave her some treats to calm her down, and now I’m probably going to spend the rest of the afternoon reading in the window, since the mosquitoes are very active today (I got like 8 bites in so short a time it’s not even funny!) and I really need to get caught up on my reading (I was so close yesterday, but the sun went down so I had to stop–non-natural light just doesn’t work as well for me).



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