Happy National Coming Out Day, Y’all!!

I hope everyone’s had a great day!

I just wanted to put something short up because it’s National Coming Out Day, and that’s an important thing to me.

I stuck this picture up on instagram with a really, really long caption, and am about to put it on facebook as well, but I’m putting it here before facebook so I can also link this post on facebook.

Today I chose to own myself and my romantic orientation, sexual orientation, and gender identity publicly on the interwebs for the first time. A lot of my friends and most of my family have known that I ~like~ women for a while now, but I’ve never actually confirmed what ~labels~ I feel the most connected with. So, here it goes. If I have to be labelled, I choose the following: I consider myself to be panromantic (meaning that romantically I believe I can like or even love anyone of any gender or gender identity or lack thereof) but my sexual orientation falls more along the lines of “lesbian,” though the feminist in me is not a fan of having a separate word for gay women than what we use for men (so I typically refer to myself as just “gay,” and this just means that if I’m planning on doing sexy things with a person, I have a strong preference that they have a vagina, not a penis: another word for this is gynophilic or gynosexual) and my gender identity falls more along the lines of “I don’t really feel connected to any gender, so I guess I’ll just use the word nonconformist to describe myself” because I’ve never felt particularly female but I also have never felt even a little bit male. Like what does gender feel like?

Which is why when people ask, I just use the blanket term “queer” because it’s faster and easier than all that ^^

But anyway, that’s all, folks.



The Fierce Feminist