(See what I did there?)

Today’s post is about the benefits of spending even 15 minutes outside on a daily basis.

Spending time outside is very good for you, not only physically, but mentally as well, so I’d like to encourage everyone to get outside today and every day, even if it’s only for 15 minutes (unless there is some sort of severe weather thing going on out there that would make it unsafe to go outside, then definitely do not go outside).

Instead of listing the reasons why going outside is good for you, I’m going to put a couple of articles about it here that you can read if you want to or don’t read if you don’t need to be convinced that outside=awesome.

Instead of writing all the reasons why going outside is good for you, I thought it would be good to list some great things to do in your time outside.

Things you can do outside:

Active things:

Listed (vaguely) in order from most to least active.

  • Run! For people who like to participate in #sundayrunday
  • Bike! For people who like to move fast but not in a running way
  • Jog! If you like to move at an elevated pace on foot, but aren’t quite into running.
  • Canoe/Kayak/Sail/Boat in general! If the weather permits and you have access to water and a boat.
  • Jump rope! Because that’s really good for you and super fun!
  • Hike! It’s like walking, but in the woods!
  • Speedwalk! If you like moving at a slightly elevated pace on foot. (Also, did you know that speedwalking, aka race walking, is an Olympic event? And it’s legit. Like they walk a faster mile than I run most of the time. If you get really good, maybe you could be at Toyko 2020–here’s an event from Rio 2016)
  • Walk a dog! If you have a dog to walk or know a dog you can borrow for a walk!
  • Hula hoop! Also really fun and good for your core and cardio health.
  • Regular walk! Because not everyone wants to go at an elevated pace.
  • Play Pokemon go!
  • Play with some sort of ball! I like to toss a baseball or tennis ball up and down to work on hand-eye coordination or kick a soccer ball with a friend or against a brick wall (if a friend is not available but a brick wall is)

Less Active things:

In no particular order.

  • Yo-yo! Practice those yo-yoing skills because yo-yos are really cool
  • Read! Because books are fun!
  • Draw/paint/color/write/do something artistic! Because nature can inspire you
  • Pet a dog! If you don’t have your own dog, visit a park and see if anyone else has a dog there that you can pet, but always ask first!
  • Look at the clouds! Do you see any cool shapes?
  • Relax in a hammock! Because hammocks are wonderful!
  • Pretty much anything. Get creative with your outdoor activities!

Today, I decided I would go for a walk, because it was slightly too chilly for me to run (the cold air really hurts my lungs when I’m breathing fast due to running). I even saw a dog that was on a walk with its human. I did not pet said dog because it was barking at me, so I wasn’t sure if it was friendly.

I walked for 30 minutes, and about 1.75 miles. And I used CharityMiles to track my walk. CharityMiles is a great app that will track your activity and donate money to a charity of your choice for each mile you walk/run (outside or inside) or bike (outside only). So it’s great if you ¬†walk/run/bike on a regular basis.

So, what are you waiting for! Go forth and be with nature!



The Fierce Feminist